What exactly is digital?

Published Date: 2016-09-16 21:06:43
Category: Technology Trends
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Going digital is a good idea but the first footstep is to set out what that means for the organization. For a number of executives, it’s in relation to technology and it must come first. For others in business, digital can be seen as an approach toward communication with consumers while others still see it as an entirely new way of doing business.

For most organization, being digital requires being open to review the way business is done and the understanding of where the new markets/segments are located. It may require developing new business entirely. None of the definition about digital is wrong and we have seen organizations with leadership teams with diverse perspectives and this often shows lack of alignment and common vision when it comes to digital and how it impacts the organization. Due to this misunderstanding, there are misguided efforts that lead to missed opportunities, slow performance, or false start of a digital project. Based on this challenge, it is important for business owners and executives to have a clear and common understanding of what digital means to them.


Digital is an approach of doing things and it includes all of the strategies and apparatus beneath one standard as an essential need for enhanced processes, risk management, innovation, and continuously see way to improve consumer experiences. It is important to know that digital is about implementing recurring strategies where processes and capabilities are constantly evolving based on inputs from the customer, nurturing ongoing product or service trustworthiness.

One of the biggest mistakes from organizations going digital make is the idea of working to deliver a one-off customer journey. Being digital might require understanding of customer behaviors and expectations and how they are developing inside and outside the business, as well as outside the organization’s sector, which is crucial to getting ahead of trends that can deliver or devastate value.